11 February 2010 @ 02:05 pm
We're working on the letter C in school this week. So I'm working with my small groups and ask the kids in my high group to give me some more words that start with C to add to our chart.

I get the usual: cat, car, cake. And then one girl is all "cannonball"! I'm impressed she knows what a cannonball is since I work in the worst part of town and the chances of her seeing one out here are kinda slim. So I draw a little black cannonball.

She's all..."No. That's not it."

Here goes our convo:

Me: A cannonball. Like what comes out of a cannon?
Little Girl: No!, come and draw it.

SO she goes up and draws a stick figure with a head and arms and a body and then gets the RED crayon to draw fire where the legs should be cause "it helps him fly" and then gets the black crayon again and draws "the things for swimming" over his eyes. GOGGLES.

I'm all..."Cannonball the superhero?" And yep. Thats who it was.

This is of course the same girl who wants to be Captain America when she grows up.

Four year olds can be really adorable sometimes.

And apparently I don't have a Sam icon so have his baby sister instead!!!
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14 September 2006 @ 06:42 pm
I am just so damn happy right now.

Grinning from ear to ear.


Work was great. The kiddos are learning a new letter, M, and retained the other three we've worked on so far! Yay, class! And they're all recognizing their names and others and damn my kids from last year are so damn big now.

Drama starts up in two weeks. I think I'm the only teacher excited about clubs starting back up. I can't wait. I want to start teaching songs and choreography and learning lines. Annie was such a success last year that we are going to try and do Suessical this year. Yeah, with Elementary school kids, it should be interesting. But all the kids from last year want to be in the club again, and their parents are all for it.

*happy sigh*
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