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Fic: The Perils of Skiing and Hot Chocolate

Title: The Perils of Skiing and Hot Chocolate
Author: [livejournal.com profile] willowaus
Character/Pairing:: Rogue, Magneto
Verse: X-men Evolution, movieverse and 616 comicverse
Rating: T
Summary: It all came down to one thing. Rogue hated snow.
A/N: Thanks so much to [livejournal.com profile] omaetoy for reading this through and to [livejournal.com profile] sionnain for the idea. :)

Take One: Evolution

"I hate snow," Rogue growled, and looked longingly at the ski lodge. She glared at each person who passed by, wanting to get out of the miserable cold, winter wonderland and soak up the rich, fiery heat by the large fireplace.

"Lighten up, Rogue." Kurt bumped into her and rifled her hair up, scooting away before she could swat him. "It's Christmas!"

"Yeah, seriously," Kitty replied, hands on her hips. "You should love this weather. You can wear all your gloves and layers without like having to care what other people think."

Rogue clenched her fists at her sides and scowled. "I don't care what other people think." She pushed past the pair and made her way to the lodge, ignoring Kurt's cry for her to stay. Stupid vacation. Stupid snow. Stupid people. Pushing open the door, she averted her gaze as Jean and Scott passed by, holding hands and oblivious to the world. Stupid Ms. Perfect.

She grumbled as she sat down on the brick landing before the fireplace and took off her gloves, setting them closer to the fire in order to get them warm. Placing her hands near the cast iron screen she let the heat warm her body while cooling down her temper. A shadow fell over her and she sighed in frustration, pulling her gloves back to her. If other people decided to enjoy the fire she'd have to put the wet things back on and freeze.

"Don't bother with covering yourself on my account."

She froze. She knew that voice. "Magneto."

"Hello, Rogue," he stated, and she turned, surprised by what she saw. He was out of uniform, a simple black peacoat encasing his form and a black fedora on his head. He didn't look like a mutant terrorist. Probably why no one was freaking out.

She tucked the gloves into her own coat and stood, keeping her hands slightly in front of her, a reminder of how dangerous she was. He actually laughed, a deep, throaty sound that startled her. "What's so funny?" she asked, pursing her lips in anger.

"You hide yourself away in all that clothing, blocking your gift and think showing me your hands will be sufficient to scare me." He smiled down at her. It wasn't at all pleasant. "You amuse me."

He sat down in one of the upholstered chairs, placing his hat down on the table beside him and she crossed her arms in agitation. "Why are you here?" she demanded, wondering if she should call out telepathically for the others.

A young man brought over two rather large mugs and set them down on the table. Rogue watched as Magneto reached into his pocket, eyes widening in fear for the boy before she watched Magneto press a few bills into his hand. "Oh come now, child," he stated, waving a hand irritably. "I'm hardly going to kill the young man for providing a service I requested."

"No, but you would 'cause he's human." Her gaze settled on the cups, wondering why there were two.

"Mine is coffee." He motioned towards the other. "I doubt Charles would appreciate my giving someone so young that beverage. Come, have hot chocolate." He looked at the mug, his lips twisting in disgust. "It even has all that vile whipped cream that has become popular to top off drinks."

"Yeah, right," she replied, her accent thickening as she rolled her eyes. "You've probably done something to it."

"Hardly, Rogue." He sipped at his coffee, his gaze never leaving hers. "You saw the young man bring it over."

"Maybe he's one of your lackeys."

Magneto's eyes narrowed dangerously. "I do not have lackeys, Rogue, merely those who have not been deluded by your headmaster."

"You're the one who's deluded." The iron screen behind her rattled and her eyes widened briefly in fear before she masked it with a sneer. "Someone's got a temper."

"And you would do well not to ignite it," he replied, fixing her with a steely gaze. "There are many metal objects in this vicinity. It would be a shame if one strangled the child by the window."

Rogue mentally cried out for Jean. He rose and picked up his hat. "I believe it is time I take my leave." He placed the hat on his head and smirked at her. "I suggest not following." He looked towards the little boy and she watched as a poker from the fireplace rose a few inches in the air. "Enjoy the hot chocolate."

He disappeared deeper into the lodge, past her view as Jean and Scott came rushing inside, their expressions frantic. "Sorry, didn't mean to call you," she murmured, and sank into the chair he'd vacated, sighing with relief as the poker dropped back into its place.

The two left her alone and she ignored their bickering as they exited back into the frigid weather. Rogue picked up the hot chocolate and sipped at it. No sense in letting it go to waste, she reasoned, smiling as the whipped cream smeared across her lips.

Take Two: Movieverse

"I hate snow," Rogue muttered, looking forlornly down at her snow-caked gloves. "How was I gonna survive driving through Canada and the Rockies and then up into Alaska?" She looked over at Jubilee and shook her head in dismay.

"One more shot," Jubilee told her, offering a hand to her fallen comrade.

Rogue accepted it and shook her head. "No thanks. I'm gonna go back to the lodge, turn in these damn skis and curl up with a book by the fire."

"You sure, chica?"

"Positive." Rogue gave her a quick smile and started towards the lodge, trying not to fall over as she did so. That would simply add to her embarrassment. She struggled to get the skis off her feet and returned them to the checkout stand, pleased to be rid of them, and emptied her locker. She retrieved her book and keys and ventured towards the room with the large fireplace, seeking the heat.

She bought a mug of hot chocolate, hoping the liquid would help push the cold from her body. There was entirely too much whipped cream on top and she giggled as it coated her lips. Sitting down on the hearth, she sighed with relief as her chilled body began to thaw before opening her novel, silently devouring it. Time passed quickly and she was unaware of the happenings around her, only looking up when a shadow fell over her. She froze as she did so, staring up into chill blue eyes that haunted her dreams. She cried out for Jean, lips twisting in fear when she remembered her Professor could no longer hear her, body long since swallowed by the lake.

"Hello, Marie," Magneto stated, smiling down at her. It caused her to shiver, making her far colder than the chill wind outside had been able.

Why did the Professor have to be in Washington instead of with the school on their Christmas vacation? Why weren't their any other telepaths at the school? Her mind was a jumbled mess of fear, hands gripping the book as her heart raced. What the hell was he doing here? Was there another damn machine he needed powered? She shook her head, relaxing her grip on the book and glared at him, tugging her gloves off. She wasn't that scared little girl anymore. She'd defend herself.

"I've hardly done anything to merit such anger, girl." His gaze was on her hands and she felt the metal screen rattle behind her warningly.

"What do you want?" She looked behind him, trying to find another of her fellow students but no one was in sight.

"Shouldn't you be out enjoying the festivities?" he asked, settling down on the couch across from the fireplace.

"Shouldn't you be off plotting something devastating?" she countered, with a glare.

"I believe you would prefer to have me here than to be doing that, my dear."

She wasn't all that sure she would. Right now, she'd prefer him to be as far away as possible. "What do you want?" she reiterated, wondering if any more of the Brotherhood was around. She didn't see any but Mystique could be whoever she wanted...

"Your allegiance."

She scoffed, looking wide-eyed at him and shook her head. "Are you insane?"

"The world's leaders have deemed me such but I am utterly serious, Rogue." His tone was serious and solemn, reminding her of the Professor when he'd informed the rest of the school of Jean's death.

"Uh...no." She had a feeling she was looking at him in the way one does someone who is insane. "X-Man, thanks."

"You waste your talents," he replied, waving his hand as though wanting another reason.

"You tried to kill me, you forget that?" She couldn't believe she'd given him one.

"Do you remember why that is, little girl?" he asked, leaning forward a little, intensely watching her.

"Cause you're insane." Come on, Professor Summers, Peter, anybody...take a break from the slopes! The screen rattled again and she forced herself not to flinch. "I ain't becoming one of your lackeys," she told him, her voice full of false bravado.

"Not yet." He rose and she tensed, wondering what he was going to do, fists clenching in her lap, ready to spring forth and grab skin. "I do not have lackeys, Rogue. I have soldiers, men and women dedicated to a better world for our kind."

"I think you're full of shit." His eyes narrowed and she felt fear engulf her, transporting her back to the night on the Statue.

He smiled down at her, causing her to tremble. "Goodbye, Rogue. I look forward to our next meeting."

She didn't like the way he made that sound like a threat and promise at the same time. He disappeared into the crowd of people coming inside and she took a deep breath before scrambling to her feet, intent on finding Logan or Professor Summers and telling them what had happened. The doorway rattled as she went through it, causing her to quicken her steps, and she swore she could hear him laughing behind her. She didn't even bother to look, wanting to get as far away from him as possible.

Take Three: Comicverse

"I hate snow," Rogue grumbled, and glared at Bobby who poised with another clump of snow in hand. "If you even try throwing that snowball at me Drake, I'll use what skills I did learn from Mystique and kill you in a very brutal manner."

"And I'll help her dispose of the body," Sam added, offering a hand.

"Thanks." Rogue stood up on wobbly legs. "I think that's enough snow and cold for this Southerner. I'll meet y'all back at the lodge." She waved to the rest of the group, ignoring their protests and smiled as she heard Bobby squeal, secure in the knowledge that they were pummeling him with snowballs.

Entering the lodge, she returned her skis and headed towards the fireplace. The smell of hot chocolate diverted her path and she stepped into the line. A small boy ran into her, jostling her to the side and accidentally bumping into the man in front of her. "I'm so sorry," she said, eyes widening as the man turned around. Magneto. Oh yeah, there was no doubt about that. She'd know those steely blue eyes anywhere. "Hello..." she murmured, at a loss for what to say. The last time she'd seen him, he'd kicked her out of Genosha.

"Ah, Rogue." He pursed his lips as he looked down at her and she suddenly didn't want hot chocolate anymore and the bitter cold outside was becoming very desirable. "I suppose it would be too much to hope you are the only one here, hmmm?"

She wasn't answering that and wondered if she could merely slink off into the distance, silently assessing how much damage he could do. "I am in line to order a beverage, Rogue, that is hardly such a nefarious deed to warrant the worry in your eyes," he stated, taking a step forward and looked back at her. "I suggest moving as well, the young woman behind looks quite irate."

Rogue smiled apologetically to the young mother who was trying to quiet the crying child in her arms and stepped forward. "I ain't that thirsty anymore," she muttered, and turned to leave, stopping when his hand gripped her elbow.

"Oh come now, you can't spare a few minutes for a drink with an old friend?" He sounded entirely too amused.

"Last time I saw you, you made sure I knew we were anything but friends," she replied, and wrenched her arm away, wishing Emma had deemed to come to this gathering with the rest of them.

"Of course," he murmured, frowning. He reached towards her, hand gently touching her arm. "I would enjoy your company."

She glared at him, a nasty retort in her mouth--If I am with him, he can't be hurting anyone here--before she nodded. "You're paying."

He nodded and steered her forward in line, ordering hot chocolate for the both of them. She crossed her arms agitatedly and followed him towards the fireplace, sitting down in one of the chairs. "Thank you," she murmured, accepting the hot chocolate and raised an eyebrow at the ridiculous amount of whipped cream.

"Are you and your teammates enjoying the lodge?"

She looked up, lips twisting. "I am, yes."

He frowned, watching her intently. "You do not like me."

"Nope," she replied curtly, looking down at her mug.

"You used to," he stated, his tone entirely too smug.

Rogue glared. "I used to be naive."

"Used to?"

She placed the hot chocolate on the table and rose. "Goodbye, Magneto."

He wasn't Erik anymore. Hadn't been that man she thought she might love for a long time. She moved quickly past him and entered the cold, intent on finding the others and alerting them to his presence. She brushed tears from her face and steeled herself for the battle she knew would come, ignoring the lingering memories of being at his side in the Savage Land.

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