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The Lonely 1/1

Author: Jess [personal profile] willowaus
Title: The Lonely
Rating: PG
Pairing: Chlollie
Characters: Chloe Sullivan, mentions of Oliver
Summary: Chloe’s reaction to Oliver’s announcement that he’s the Green Arrow.
Warnings: Nothing except maybe it’s a bit angsty.
Author’s Note: I only started watching Smallville earlier this year, but Chloe became one of my favourite characters from the start and her story with Oliver was so epic and lovely that this little plot bunny wouldn’t go away until I wrote it. So here it is.

There were newspapers scattered across the bed, a half eaten muffin discarded on the bedside table. The laptop was open and downloading countless bits of information that would be useful in the longrun. It’s what her attention should be focused on, not the television as she watched the breaking news for about the seventh time. As soon as the segment ended, Chloe switched stations, watching it begin again or sometimes catching it halfway through Oliver’s speech.

She doesn’t listen to the words anymore, having memorized them after the third time through. At first she cannot fathom why he would do this, why he would reveal his secret to the world. Doing so has only allowed himself to become even more of a target and for a moment she’s irrationally angry with him, furious that he’s managed to put himself in harm’s way again when that was what she’d been laboring to prevent.

Why he did it came crashing down on her after the fourth time though. If the world knew his secret then there shouldn’t be anything to keep her away any longer. One thing Chloe Sullivan knew was Oliver Queen’s thought process, or at least that is what she told herself as she clicked to the next channel, watching the scene play out again. Hands folded behind his back as he addressed the group of reporters before they turned into vultures, wanting to know more than he was able to give.

Chloe knew that Oliver was wrong. This only created even more of a reason for her to stay away, to watch from a distance and do what she could as she waited for the moment when she and her team could attack. The players in this elaborate game wouldn’t stop until they got what they wanted and Chloe had no intention of letting any of her friends be sacrificed. Hadn’t the helmet told her she’d be sacrificing her sanity in order for Oliver to live? She knew she’d sacrifice more than that if she came down to it.

She leaned back against the bed, watching the lead in to the story again. Different channel, but the same remarks and speculations abound, simply different people commenting on it.

It’s Oliver’s eyes that haunted her and kept pulling her back, causing her to continue to watch the brief recording over and over again. The loss she could see, the sorrow, tore at emotions she knew she shouldn’t give into. She couldn’t afford to show any weakness, not when everything was so close to coming to fruition, but a few tears escaped before she could force them away.

Chloe reached out, fingers nearly touching the television screen as Oliver appeared again, but she dropped them just before they met and turned it off. Brushing her eyes, she forced herself to stand and grabbed a few dollars from the bedside table. Might as well get some coffee before starting to scan for more leads.

There would be no sleep for her tonight.

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