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Mystique/Destiny 50 sentences

Yeah, I stole this from K and Kris and Kates.

Featured Character: Mystique and Destiny
Pairings: Mystique/Destiny
Ratings: Nothing should be over R
Warnings: assassination, an abuse of punctuation rules probably!

#01 – Motion
Nothing is ever really chance for Irene Adler, so when she meets Raven Darkholme on that fateful afternoon, their entire lives have already been set into motion long before she even asks for the detective’s help.

#02 – Cool

#03 – Young

#04 - Last
It’s hard to fulfill her lover’s final wish, but as the ashes blow back into her face, Raven is forever thankful that Irene was able to provide her one last happy memory before she’s released to the world.

#05 – Wrong

#06 - Gentle

#07 - One

#08 - Thousand

#09 - King

#10 – Learn

#11 - Blur

#12 – Wait
There are long stretches in their lives when the two are parted, a means to ensure their goals are met, but the time it takes to make it from the doorway to the nearest bed seems to be the hardest period to endure for either of them.

#13 – Change

#14 - Command

#15 - Hold
Even though Raven knows this was the inevitable outcome, that Irene’s body had been breaking down for a long time, she’d somehow tricked herself into believing they still had plenty of years together, but cradling her lover’s body in her arms destroys the tiny bit of hope that she used to cling to every day and is replaced by a hardness she hasn’t felt since she met Irene all those years ago.

#16 – Need

#17 – Vision

#18 – Attention

#19 – Soul

#20 - Picture
Raven knows Rogue is angry with her for all that she’s done, that the girl cannot comprehend that she’s been putting everything into it’s proper place so the future will turn out better, but she also sees the way her daughter looks at the old photograph of their little family, touching Irene’s face with a slight frown on her own, and wonders if perhaps she hasn’t lost her just yet.

#21 - Fool

#22 – Mad
When she’s brought back from the dead, Irene seeks out only one of their family; she tells herself that it’s because she needs to protect Rogue for the sake of the future, but really, it’s because she can’t stand to see how twisted Raven has become without her around.

#23 - Child
While Irene knows that bringing Rogue to their little family is vital to stop the prophecies from coming to pass, a part of her hopes that having the girl around will allow Raven something else to hold onto when she dies, that this small child will stop her lover from letting the madness consume her mind and soul.

#24 - Now

#25 - Shadow
Irene wakes with a start, knowing from the most recent vision what she must do in order to keep her lover alive, no matter how annoyed Raven will be with her once the end finally arrives for one of them.

#26 – Goodbye

#27 – Hide
This game of twisted Hide and Seek, having the little girl locate Mystique in the crowd and the me same annoyed expression on their faces when told it’s time to leave and the game must end, only solidifies in Irene’s mind that the two are too similar sometimes for their own good.

#28 – Fortune

#29 - Safe

#30 – Ghost
There are a million people that haunt Mystique, but it’s the memory the body that should be in bed next to hers and will never be again that keeps her from sleep most nights.

#31 - Book
Irene’s books are what brought them together, and yet, Raven hates them as they will also one day be what helps to force them apart.

#32 - Eye

#33 - Never

#34 – Sing

#35 – Sudden
Everything seems to stop in those first few seconds when she sees Irene’s body being carried towards her, but nothing can ever prepare Raven for how everything continues on around her at full speed while her world is shattering to pieces in front of her eyes.

#36 - Stop

#37 - Time

#38 – Wash

#39 - Torn
When Raven returns home without Rogue, temper worse than ever before, Irene wonders if perhaps she’d been wrong in thinking that her lover’s love for the girl would keep her from madness and wonders if it will be what finally pushes Raven over the edge.

#40 – History
There are multiple children born between the two of them, neither with one another, and yet those families they form are quickly abandoned when one is in desperate need of the other.

#41 – Power

#42 - Bother

#43 - God

#44 - Wall

#45 – Naked

#46 - Drive
“We’re going to need a new car,” Irene murmurs suddenly from the couch as she closes the book she’d been reading, and Raven looks up from the blueprints she’d been perusing, a headache starting to form as they both hear a sudden crash and then their daughter’s voice yelling out that ‘everythin’ is fine’.

#47 - Harm

#48 – Precious

#49 - Hunger

#50 - Believe
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OMG OMG these are lovely!!! I really love that theme of imminent madness built up in so many of these. Very very much them :D

Also I did lol at Rogue crashing the car. That was precious