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Fic: Wise Up (Rogue, Mystique)

Title: Wise Up
Author: [livejournal.com profile] willowaus
Character/Pairing: Rogue, Mystique (implied Mystique/Destiny, Magneto/Rogue)
Rating: K+
Verse: 616 comicverse
Word Count: 450
Summary: Mystique and Rogue visit Irene's memorial together.
A/N: Written for [livejournal.com profile] resolute.

The air was muggy, sweat forming as soon as anyone crazy enough stepped outside. Making movement a torturous process that few tended to engage in during the month of August. Leaving the small town inCaldecott , Mississippi more deserted than usual. Which pleased Raven, allowing her to move through the abandoned streets with ease. Taking one of thebackroads to the remnants of her home. Never quite the same since the incident with the Marauders all those years ago.

Only the foundation remained intact. All the possessions she'd removed, storing them in another safehouse. Out of harms way. She parked the car and waited. Leaning against the vehicle, foot tapping impatiently. Trying not to smile as she watched her daughter soar through the sky, landing in front of her. "I knew you'd come," Raven stated, stepping forward. Intent on hugging the young woman.

"Didn't come for ya." Rogue easily side stepped her. Shrugging off any further advances. "Came to pay my respects to her."

She walked away, heading towards the back of the house where the small memorial plaque stood. "Anna," Raven started, following her. Annoyed with this reception.

Rogue whirled around. Fists clenched tightly at her sides and Raven raised an eyebrow at the bare flesh. Surprised the girl wasn't wearing gloves. "You do not get ta call me that," Rogue growled, turning back. Cloak shifting in the wind.

Raven's eyes flashed. "What then? Rogue?" she demanded, grabbing the girl's arm. Stopping her movements. "Or are the rumors true and its Mrs.Lehnsherr?"

"To you, its Rogue." Rogue brushed her off, coming to kneel in front of the plaque. Tracing Irene Adler's name. "Oma."

Raven crossed her arms. Angry with the display of affection. "The others understood what I did."

"You ain't their mother," Rogue snapped, not bothering to look behind her. Rising to her feet.

"Then you should have forgiven me a long time ago," Raven growled, watching Rogue tug her hood into place.

"I did, Mystique." Rogue turned, smiling sadly. "Don't mean I'm ever gonna forget."

Raven took a step forward, stopping when she noticed movement in the trees. Frowned. "You did not come alone."

Rogue laughed. "To see you? Of course not. I ain't stupid." She leaned forward, kissing Raven's cheek. Startling her when no transfer started. "Goodbye, Mystique."

"Anna. I..." Raven faltered, clenching her hands in anger. Watching the girl fly off. Four of Magneto's illustrious guard lifting off from the area and following.

She screamed, taking her wrath out on the weeds that had begun to grow over the plaque. Viciously pulling them up before slamming her hands into the ground. A single tear falling down her cheek. "Oh, Irene. I've made a mess of things."

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