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Fic: Solidarity
Author: [livejournal.com profile] willowaus
Characters: Rogue, Jean, Ororo
Verse: Ultimateverse
Rating: K
A/N: Written for [livejournal.com profile] resolute

Rogue smiled, looking down into the creek bed, watching the crawdads moving below. They'd be eating well tonight. That was for sure. Images of Cajun dishes rose in her mind, spices mingling in the air around her. Another reminder of the deadman trapped in her head.

"It looks like a lobster," Jean remarked, interrupting her thoughts.

Rogue looked over at her teammate who was looking down at the water, hands on her hips. Studying the animals with a scientist’s fascination. "Crawdad," Rogue corrected, grabbing the net from her backpack. It'd work better than nothing to catch a few.

Jean raised an eyebrow. "You made that up."

"Huh?" Rogue shook out the net, moving slowly closer towards the waters edge. Not wanting to spook the creatures. "Course not. 'S’what its called."

"She's right." Ororo called from the campsite. Tugging the makeshift tent into place. "Crawdad or crayfish. A fresh water crustacean."

"Been watching Animal Planet again?" Jean asked, teasing. "Are you going to get in the water and help us get dinner, 'Ro?"

"You and Rogue can handle it." Ororo turned away, continuing to fix the tent.

Rogue looked away, rolling her eyes and held up the net. "Jean, 'kay, all you gotta do is hold this up an'--"

"How about this?" Jean stood back and six crawdads levitated clear out of the water, hovering in the air above Rogue's head.

"Er. Yeah. That'll work." Rogue shook her head, watching the animals levitate in front of Jean.

Jean brought one close. Examining it. "How do we cook the lobster?"

"Crawdad!" Rogue huffed, grabbing the bucket and filled it with water.

"Okay, how do we cook the crawdad?" Jean asked, turning the crustacean over.

"Boil it in water." Rogue knelt, rummaging her bag. Looking for the matches she'd packed.

She turned back matches in hand and watched as Ororo raised her hand. Lightning flashed in the sky, striking down and hit their campfire. "There," Ororo stated, turning back to the tent.

Rogue sighed, dropping down next to the fire. "Y'all didn't even need me to come along."

Jean dropped the crawdad she was still observing. "What? Rogue. Of course we did." She reached out, patting the younger girl's arm.

"Ain't done a damn thing to help," Rogue grumbled, stuffing the matches and net back in her pack.

"We wouldn't be here without you," Ororo reminded, finishing the net and sat down beside her. "A whole night--"

"--without any of the boys," Jean continued, smiling brightly.

"Paradise," the two finished simultaneously.

Rogue laughed, catching the bag of Oreos Jean threw at her. "We have to stick together," Jean reminded, and looked at the fire. Causing the flames to jump. "Solidarity and all."

Grinning, Rogue opened the bag, taking a handful of cookies before passing the bag. Listening to the older two talk about the latest issue of some magazine she was going to remember to subscribe to. Solidarity. Definitely.

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