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Fic: Perfect Day (Little!Rogue)

Title: Perfect Day
Author: [livejournal.com profile] willowaus
Characters/Pairings: Little!Rogue, Cody, Destiny/Mystique
Verse: 616
Rating: K
Summary: Just a typical day in the Darkholme household. This was written as a response for [livejournal.com profile] theatrical_muse.

"Why're we puttin' scrubbing brushes on our feet?" Cody asked, scratching his head in confusion.

Anna smiled, securing the last latch. "Cause, you're gonna help me clean the kitchen." She stood up unsteadily and walked awkwardly over to the sink, filling up the bucket with water and soap.

"How's cleanin' supposed ta be fun?"

Anna rolled her eyes. Sometimes Cody simply did not have any imagination. "You'll see," she told him, putting the bucket on the floor. Grinning, she stepped into it, soaking her feet and the brushes.

"You're Momma is gonna skin ya!" Cody shook his head and helped her out of the bucket.

"Uh uh." Anna stepped forward, using the brushes on her feet like skates. She began sliding around the kitchen floor. "Was her idea. Kinda. Now put your feet in there an' help me!"

"Kinda?" Cody asked, doing as he was told.

"We read this book about a girl named Pippilotta. An' she did stuff like this. An' we watched the movie!" Anna twirled, leaving a trail of suds behind her. "She's a pirate's daughter. Told Momma I wanted to be a pirate when I grow up."

"You can't be, Anna," Cody protested, following her around the kitchen.

"Why not? An' don't tell me cause only boys are pirates." Anna scowled. "There are girl pirates. Anne Bonny was a pirate. Her names even like mine."

"Ain't no such thing as pirates, Anna. Not anymore," Cody replied, nodding adamantly.

"Sure there are, Cody. They steal things from boats. Didn't Mr. Dockins get stuff stolen from him?" She dipped her feet in the bucket again, giggling at the way the soap slid between her toes.

"Yeah, but that was just Tommy an' Billy Perkins." Cody tried to twirl and nearly collapsed backwards.

Anna caught him, laughing. "Uh uh. It was pirates, they was just blamed for it."

"Next thing you're gonna tell me fairies are real." Cody laughed.

Anna set him away, hands on her hips. "Course they are, Cody. Who told you they ain't?" She looked at him curiously.

He shifted on his feet. "My pa."

Anna shook her head. "Fairies are real, Cody. You just gotta believe in 'em if ya want to see them."

"Will you help me see 'em?" He looked earnestly at her.

"Course I will. What else are best friends for?" Anna smiled, and twirled away colliding with her mother. "Look, Momma! We're cleaning the kitchen. Like Pippi did."

Raven raked a hand through her hair. "I see that."

"Why don't we go for ice cream and let the floor...dry?" Irene suggested from behind them all, holding Anna and Cody's shoes in her hands.

"I want sprinkles!" Anna shouted, quickly undoing her latches and grabbed her and Cody's shoes. "Last one to the mailbox is a squid!"

"A squid?" Cody called, running after her. "What's wrong with bein' a squid?"

"Pirates kill squids, silly." Anna slowed down, letting them both reach the mailbox at the same time. "We gotta teach ya about pirates."

"We will have plenty of time to do so on our way into town," Raven stated, walking past them with Irene. "Come along both of you."

Anna skipped ahead, Cody close behind. "Ain't this just perfect?" she whispered, hands above her head as she did a little spin.

"Race ya to the Perkin's fence!" Cody called and started off.

Anna laughed and ran after him. It was just another perfect day with all the people she loved.

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