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Jess ([personal profile] willowaus) wrote2007-01-14 01:28 pm

Fic: Broken (comicverse)

Title: Broken
Author: [livejournal.com profile] willowaus
Characters: little!Rogue, Mystique, Destiny, Cody
Rating: K
Word Count: 453
Summary: The morning after Rogue absorbs Cody.
A/N: This was written for [livejournal.com profile] theatrical_muse. Thank you to [livejournal.com profile] sionnain for making sure this made sense.

This isn't right. None of it. There should be a model airplane hanging over the bed, not a poster of Robin Hood. The walls should be blue and white with baseball pendants and trophies adorning the shelves, not rows of books and teddy bears. Slowly, Cody pushes himself up off the bed, shaking his head at the green bedspread, and the soft teddy bear he had been clutching drops carelessly to the floor.

"Ma? Dad?" he yells out, but that isn't his voice. It's Anna's, coming from his throat. Anna's hands he is looking down at. Anna's star and moon pajamas. He screams for his parents again, confused, wanting to beat up Joe for this stupid practical joke, cause that's what it has to be. There is no other reason for him to look like this. He hears footsteps near his doorway and waits for his mom to enter and then go and beat the tar out of his older brother.

He keeps screaming as a blue monster enters the room, red fiery hair framing her face. "Demon!" Cody screams and its still Anna's voice coming from his mouth and he lunges away from the creature, diving under the bed, his confusion growing as he encounters Anna's secret box.

"I warned you, Raven." That is Oma's voice, Anna's grandma, and he sees her old black shoes peek out under the bed. "Come out, child. There is nothing to fear."

"There's a demon!" Cody protests, and shakes his head, pressing himself closer to the wall, out of reach. "Why do I sound like Anna?"

"Because you are Anna." And that is Anna's mother's voice but he doesn't see her feet, just Oma's and the blue demon's.

"No, I'm not. I'm Cody!" He's shaking his head, tears forming in his eyes. Slowly, Anna begins to break through the onslaught of Cody's presence and blinks, brushing tears from her face. "Momma?"

She crawls out of the bed and moves towards Mystique, crying hard. "I'm scared, Momma." She touches Mystique's hand and the same sharp pull she felt with Cody happens and she leaps back, crying out in pain.

She backs herself into a corner and presses her face into the wall. "Don't touch me!" she cries hysterically as Mystique approaches her. Cody's presence in her head cries for his mother and Anna can't help but cry harder.

Mystique scoops her up, careful to not let any skin touch her own and holds her close, slowly rocking her as she whispers soothing words. All Anna can do is cry and whisper Cody's name over and over as an apology.

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