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Fic: Alone in the Universe (Magneto, Rogue, comicverse)

Title: Alone in the Universe
Author: [livejournal.com profile] willowaus
Character/Pairing: Magneto, Rogue
Verse: set after the Magneto: Rex arc in 616 comicverse
Rating: T
Summary: Magneto refuses to acknowledge Rogue's departure.
A/N: Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] omaetoy for looking it over. This was written for the [livejournal.com profile] demented_allure challenge. The song I picked was Alone in the Universe from Seussical the Musical.

There is no point in looking up, Magneto already knows what he will see. Watching the girl flee this new country, his country, would only be a sign of weakness. No doubt no one but him would notice but that was more than enough of a deterrent. His people need him to be resilient, a face of unbreakable strength in this time of great upheaval. Emotions, especially misplaced ones, would do nothing but distract him from his goals. They deserved better than that and once the country of mutants that he envisions in his dreams has formed he knows all will understand. He is doing this for her. For their future.

No, for mutantkind's future. She does not matter.

He refused to allow the atrocities here to continue and the sweeping expulsion of any beneath homo superior was a swift, succinct way of showing his stance. They were not welcomed, they would never be welcomed on this land. Nor would she.

He stared down at the control panel, forcing back the urge to turn slightly, no doubt she was still rising into the sky, becoming a speck of dust amongst the clouds. Leaving behind a nation that needed those like her to help renew it. No. Not like her. He was adamant about that, refused to remember the press of her lips against his, trying to reason with him. The flash of desire she'd drawn from him had been enough of a weakness, one he was not willingly to repeat. She would only deter the mission, his goal.

He is stalwart, strong, a symbol of power and superiority. Weakness would not be appreciated in the arduous times ahead nor would it help him with the trials he knew he would soon be facing. Perhaps, once the world was his, she would finally see what he was truly doing, that he had their people's best interest at heart. And if not he would string her up like the rest of the traitors.

He hoped it would not come to that.

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